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  ScanCast 3D scan screen

1. Scan Patient

After installing the Apex ScanCast 3D app, you can now scan your patient using the latest 3D technology.

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2. Select Footwear

Preview and browse from
a large selection of footwear

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3. Save & Send

Save your model and send to create your bundled CDI + shoe order.

It's that simple.


Scanning a patient's foot can be done in three different positions.

There are three ways to scan a patient

1 Supine

The patient laying on his or her back with toes up in the air.

Scanning a patient in supine position

2 Prone

The patient lying down on their stomach with their toes pointing down.

Scanning a patient in prone position

3 Knee

The patient has his or her knee up on a chair or bed with the toes pointing down.

Scanning a patient with knee up on bed or chair

What You Need to Start

A one-stop bundling solution!




Structure Sensor Scanner

You will need to purchase a Structure Sensor. Please note, you will only need the Structure Sensor itself. There is no need to purchase the Complete Bundle.

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Structure Scanner

3D Structure Sensor


ScanCast 3D Compatible iPads:

9.7" iPad Pro9.7" iPad Pro
iPad AiriPad Air
iPad Air 2iPad Air 2
iPad Mini 2iPad Mini 2
iPad Mini 3iPad Mini 3
Apex Account

Apex Account

Apex Account Info

An Apex Account is Needed for ScanCast 3D

  1. To register for the Apex ScanCast 3D app, you will need to have an 8-digit Apex account number
  2. If you are not a current Apex cusotmer and you do not have an Apex account number, please contact our customer service team by phone at 1.800.252.2739 to register

Enjoy the Simplicity

Check out the features and benefits in our quick start manual.

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